About Us

Datalytics is not a company in legal terms. The organizational structure can be compared to a project group with changing project members. Only fix starter in this group is myself – Ludwig Rupp. Curiosity has taken over a big part of my character since the early days in primary school. In the eighties, programing mainframes in TU Vienna with punch cards was a dream coming true for me. Changing to biology and diving into the fast-developing world of microbiology fired by breakthrough innovations in genetics was a logical move for me.  After 30 years of being fully engaged  in our family owned cheese business, the new focus on the exciting possibilities of AI with datalytics.at fills the next chapter in this story.  Datalytics is shaped by my partners, friends and buisness contacts.  The experience of  three decades in a production environment guarantees to understand the needs of our customers. 
And the curiosity persists with a new target : What can AI do for you and me?