We get insights from your data with KNIME for you!

We connect your different data sources within one scalable platform with KNIME. Results can be verified step by step in the KNIME data flow framework. The final analysis allows future adjustments to new data sources from our customers with no additional cost involved.
The Development of KNIME was started January 2004 by a team of software engineers at University of Konstanz as a proprietary product. For the sixth year in a row, KNIME has been placed as a leader for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

KNIME allows users to visually create data flows (or pipelines), selectively execute some or all analysis steps, and later inspect the results, models, using interactive views. KNIME is written in Java and based on Eclipse and makes use of its extension mechanism to add plugins providing additional functionality. 

KNIME is implemented in Java but also allows for wrappers calling other code in addition to providing nodes that allow to run JavaPythonRRuby and other code fragments.

As of version 2.1, KNIME is released under GPLv3 with an exception that allows others to use the well-defined node API to add proprietary extensions. This allows also commercial SW vendors to add wrappers calling their tools from KNIME. 

Our App WEA gives you full control on your visitor experience

the first impression you get from a new contact has a high impact to a future relationship. Unfortunately, the information requirements for visitors in a company are getting higher ever since. A warm welcome can be experienced as a painful waste of time after filling all the „forms“.
WEA is a digital assistant that helps to minimize the efforts for you and your visitors. Your visitors are recognized by the WEA tablet and only information that needs to be updated is asked to fill out. Business card information is transferred automatically into the WEA system. Necessary information for example on safety or hygiene requirements on site are shown on the tablet and records of that training are kept for future visits. The WEA dashboard gives you immediate access to all the information you need about your visitors in case of an emergency or safety issues. (read als HERE)

Oculytics is our specialist for AI supported image processing

algorithms for digital picture processing have evolved to give unexpected accuracies of recognition. To use this very fast-growing technologies we are partnering with different players in this fast growing field. The focus on image processing makes us the ideal partner to find solutions for camera applications for our customers.